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How to Look Younger Naturally

How to Look Younger Naturally - Four Critical Tips

To Stall Premature Aging Without Drastic Measures

The Four Key Areas To Tackle To Look Younger:

Man has long since given up on ever finding the fountain of youth. But that doesn't mean he has desisted looking for ways to stay young. If not through modern cosmetic means then by radical surgical means.

The beauty industry has capitalized on this quest for ages and research, technology and the information gathered through the years have only added more methods and ways to boost the anti-aging trend.

But as more new means abound so did the excesses. The results can sometimes be grossly shocking. There has never been more need than now to find out how to age naturally although each person's choice in how he or she wants to look is a highly personal matter. There are many benefits to staying and looking young by natural means.

Young does not mean looking like a teenager or a 20-year-old all your life which is where the danger of cosmetic excess arises. Looking young is largely a matter of attitude, whatever looking young means to you.  There are general ways to achieve this and below are four of the most effective ways:
  • Take Away the Unnatural Causes of Aging. Most of the factors that cause people to age faster than their actual years are unnatural and man- made. Most of these are harmful, the top culprits are cigarettes, alcohol. substance abuse and indulgent lifestyle excesses. Also stay away from the sun. Although sunlight is natural you don't have to soak it up unprotected because sunlight is harsh on your skin and will age you fast. Use a good sunscreen and a regenerative, anti-ageing, skin-care cream for added insurance.
    Remember that stalling the ageing process, especially premature ageing, is strategic in maintaining your youthful looks because you cannot literally turn back the clock but you can slow it down, more than the norm so that you feel, look and are biologically younger than your real age.
  • Practice the Basics. Exercise, posture, diet and rest. There's no better way to keep and stay young than maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise will keep your body strong, limber, flexible, active, quick and healthy. These benefits all contribute to making you look and feel younger. Posture too makes a great difference in your overall appearance. A hunched overbearing / posture will immediately give people a snap impression that you are older.
Diet aside from being beneficial to your health will keep you regenerated and rejuvenating your skin supple and glowing, your youthfulness coming from inside and going out. Rest and sleep are non-negotiable. "Early to bed and early to rise" was no idle advice, there is proven benefit in keeping regular and sufficient hours of sleep.
Men especially are prone to falling into a hairstyle from which they never recover. Do not try to cover the BALD part with a combover. It does NOT work and it doesn't make you look younger, least of all naturally.
In men and women hairstyle is one of the most tell-tale signs of aging. Having the same hairstyle all your life especially when it grows unbecoming for your age will age you unnaturally.
The crowning glory of youth
Consult a hairstylist and try out new hairstyles. Dont be so set on looking the same as you did 20 years ago.  You change and it's obvious, no matter how immutable your hairstyle.
Hair colour is another thing. Grey hair adds years to your looks. With hair color note that softer colors enhance mature complexions better, so be open to improvements in this area. Don't become dowdy or wear your house-clothes out in public no matter how decent!
As the years pass your body and appearance will change so prepare to adjust your concept of what your look should be. Don't be era- focussed: be you-focussed. Find out what's best for you and what works for you, that look good on you. Experiment and be open to new possibilities. Getting stuck in a time-warp is guaranteed to date you as surely as an antique displayed at a museum. 
  • Have an Attitude of Gratitude. It really all boils down to a positive outlook in life. Sure you're going to have wrinkles eventually but laugh lines look much younger than frown lines. Having an attitude of gratitude causes you to appreciate all that you STILL HAVE and that will put a positive spin on everything you do and how you view life (and in turn, bestow you with a soft smile and a happy, contented heart.)
Eliminate the nasty habit of wrinkling your forehead or frowning and the best we can get out of this habit is thinking happy thoughts and getting LESS WRINKLES. Knowing how to look younger naturally and doing it not only keeps you from making a guinea pig of your own body at great expense to your pocket and at great risk to your health, it also keeps you REAL

And "Once you are real" as the Skin Horse said in the Velveteen Rabbit "you can't be ugly except to people who don't understand you." (Margery Williams)

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