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The Difference between Peroxide and Non-peroxide Teeth Whitening Kits

Peroxide and Non-peroxide Teeth Whitening Kits

Black Tiger Marketing LimitedA lot has been said about the difference between Peroxide and Non peroxide teeth whitening kits. While there are some risks involved with using peroxide on teeth it should be emphasised that used properly there should be no danger involved. In both cases careful reading of instructions and proper application as well as buying a good quality product should avoid any damage to health.

Recently a new EU directive has been brought in preventing people from European countries buying home whitening kits that contain peroxide. Therefore in Europe any home whitening kit you buy should not contain this substance and ought to use natural ingredients like sodium carbonate.

If you are purchasing a kit that contains peroxide it is important to know the level of concentration that is safe on the teeth. A common ingredient in peroxide kits is carbamide peroxide. Research has indicated that 6% concentration of this ingredient is enough to show improved whiteness with the optimum amount for the best results believed to be between 15 to 20%.

Some studies and websites have raised concerns about the potential side effects and damage that can be caused by peroxide. This mainly happens at higher levels of concentration (up to around 44%) and this amount needs to be supervised by a dental professional. Potential problems can include teeth becoming dehydrated, sore throat and increased sensitivity. It needs to be emphasised that with proper application these side effects can be minimised.

This is why companies have been looking at a non-peroxide alternative. These will generally use ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate or sodium perborate. While these may not be as potent as peroxide they tend to have less harmful side effects if not properly used. However in both cases people need to ensure the gels contained in the kits are applied properly to ensure the best results.

Before applying ensure you have properly cleaned your teeth. This may sound obvious but this will help to get the best possible results. You also need to look at instructions or view any videos that can help you apply the mouth guard that ought to be included in the kit. This reduces the risk of saliva mixing with the gel and diluting it.

It is also worth remembering that these kits are not magic. If you have discoloured or stained teeth through years of smoking, drinking red wine and so forth then it will take time to see improvement. In some cases you may need to seek the advice of a dentist if the problems are serious. This is why regular dental checkups are important!

In short regardless of whether you use peroxide or non-peroxide teeth whitening kits you need to be aware of what you are buying in order to get the best one for your personal needs. Being aware of how the active ingredients work and how to use the kits properly will get you better-looking teeth while protecting your teeth and gums. 

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