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Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Option

How to Select a Teeth Whitening Option

Black Tiger Marketing LimitedThere are various Teeth Whitening Australia methods available. Knowing what is best for your teeth is not always easy. While you want your teeth to look good you also need to ensure that they stay healthy and that your long term oral health is not sacrificed in order to get those pearly whites.

A common thing people use is gum with additional ingredients to boost whitening. Whitening gum often uses a substance called xylitol. While using a bit of this between meals can help freshen your breath, kill bacteria and so forth it is important to not use excessive amounts of this. The reason for this is that excessive consumption of xylitol can have a laxative effect!

Another option people consider is cosmetic dentistry in order to get whiter looking teeth. This ought to be chosen carefully in much the same way as getting cosmetic surgery. You need to ensure the people working on your teeth are fully qualified in order to use their equipment. It is also worth noting that this can be very expensive so may not be a good option if you are looking to maintain a tight household budget at the same time.

Increasingly more people are using teeth whitening kits. If used in the right way teeth whitening kits can make your teeth look whiter while at the same time allowing you to look after your overall oral health. The crucial thing is to always look at the instructions and follow them exactly.

One thing that has been causing concern is peroxide in teeth cleaning kits. There is the fear of the potential health risks. In order to reduce the risk there are a number of things you can do. The first is to ensure you choose a product with a lower concentration of peroxide. 6 per cent is considered enough to get the whitening effect while reducing the chances of side effects such as dehydration of the teeth or an increased amount of sensitivity.

The other way you can avoid problems is by checking the product you buy. It ought to be ADA approved as this shows that they are complying with guidelines regarding the use of peroxide. Careful application by following instructions exactly also reduces the risk of damage.

Another alternative is to use a non-peroxide based teeth whitening kit. Instead of using peroxide as an active ingredient it uses sodium bicarbonate. This means you can get the same whitening effect but with reduced risk. This is especially recommended for people with sensitive teeth as peroxide has been known to increase pain for people who suffer from sensitive teeth.

Whatever type of Teeth Whitening Australia you choose to use it is vital you use it properly and carefully. Make sure the people you buy these products from are reliable and have a good track record. Ideally they ought to offer a money-back guarantee for added peace of mind. Remember it is not just about making your teeth look whiter but also ensuring they stay healthy! 

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