Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Weight Loss: The Suddenly Slim Diet

A Review of The 'Suddenly Slim Diet'

MeratolMost people think of diet pills and starvation diets as dependable ways of fast weight loss. However, these methods are not advisable; they cause many harmful side effects. You need to lose weight safely, effectively and with no side effects. The Suddenly Slim diet plan offers a fast weight loss. It is a natural cure for weight loss.

It uses herbal products as meal replacement shakes, supplements and diet pills which suppress appetite, increase energy level and metabolism rate and also detoxify the body. This results in burning of excess calories and loss of weight.

One of the techniques used in this plan is called calorie shifting. You eat in a constantly changing routine so that the body cannot adjust to a routine; this way the body metabolism is increased and results in increased fat burning and eventually reduction in weight.

For ten days the dieter takes diet pills and drinks meal replacement shakes. The shakes reduce hunger but provide the body necessary important nutrients. To promote health and weight loss, the diet pills and supplements contain soy protein, caffeine, green tea, etc.

There are certain conditions under which this plan is not advisable. This plan will not suit diabetics and those with high blood pressure; a fairly large amount of fructose in the meal replacement shakes may be unhealthy for diabetics and the caffeine may have bad effect on high blood pressure patients. It is advisable for the dieter to seek medical practitioner’s advice before embarking on this diet plan.

Of course, while on Suddenly Slim Diet, keep off the junk food and untimely snacks also. And exercises are essential even when on the suddenly slim diet. Especially light cardio exercises for about 30 minutes a day for at least three times a week can help you keep up the metabolism and help your weight loss routines.

naturalhealth2you.blogspot.comAnd drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water; apart from helping the body functions water helps you keep away from food cravings by suppressing appetite.

Many dieters who have used this diet plan have experienced that they lost weight in the plan period but when the plan ended they regained the weight. To achieve a lasting weight loss it does require commitment to healthy eating habits and regular exercising which takes you to natural weight loss.

It is difficult to achieve a lasting effect of weight loss in a short period of ten days. That is why many consider the suddenly slim diet plan as a fad.

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