Monday, 2 September 2013

Tips for Using Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kits

Tips: Non-Peroxide Teeth-Whitening Kits are a lot of reasons why people might choose to use non-peroxide teeth-whitening kits. Self confidence is often a big part of this. People often associate a smile with self confidence and so people often want their teeth to look as bright as possible.

One method to make your teeth stand out is by using a teeth whitening kit. Some people may be nervous about using do-it-yourself teeth-products at home. However if the instructions are carefully followed there is no need to use expensive dental clinics in order to get your teeth looking cleaner. Look for products with a money back guarantee as this often shows confidence on the part of the manufacturer in the quality of their product.

Recent EU directives have meant that people in European countries can only purchase home kits with non-peroxide teeth whitening ingredients. While peroxide can give better whitening effects non peroxide kits are much safer to use unsupervised. Whatever the type of kit you use it is vital that you read the instructions and only use them in the way that you are directed because your safety is very important!

The first thing to do is to ensure you get a good quality non-peroxide teeth-whitening kit. The best ones will give protection to your mouth so that you can apply the whitening gel without doing damage to your gums and teeth. This is especially important for people with sensitive teeth and gums.

Before you do anything read the instructions. If you are not sure about anything written in the instructions look online for video demonstrations and tutorials so that you can physically see how it works.

A good kit ought to come with a mouth guard in order to protect the teeth. This needs to be placed in freshly boiled water in order to ensure it can be placed safely around your mouth. Suck in as you press the mould against your teeth will allow it to adjust to your teeth. You may need to press against it with your fingers and tongue in order to keep it in place.

The next part is the gel itself. Non-peroxide teeth-whitening kits will generally contain natural active ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate or sodium peroborate. However it is still important to use it carefully so ensure that you have an applicator ready. This will also make sure you have a more accurate distribution of gel around your teeth. You only need a thin layer for the top and bottom layers of the mould. Do not add an excessive amount as this will not mean shinier teeth.

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Some Non-peroxide, teeth-whitening kits also come with a colour chart so you can compare results and check the improvement. As we get older discolouration may take longer to clean, especially with persistent consumption of stain inducing drinks such as coffee or red wine. The process may take some time but with persistent use you ought to see clear results. With the right application and the right product you should get whiter teeth without damaging your oral health.

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