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Women's Health: Great Breasts without Painful Surgery

Look Your Best: Great Breasts without the Painful Surgery

Natural health and beauty:"If you are thinking about getting breast surgery to increase the size of your breasts, there are a few things that you may need to consider, including health factors and financial considerations.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, approximately 355,000 cosmetic surgery procedures for breast surgery occurred in 2008. Those numbers indicate that approximately 9% of all American women have had some type of cosmetic surgery for their breasts. Many of them will require follow-up surgeries to correct complications in relation to their procedures.

One of the reasons that many women do not get cosmetic breast surgery done is the fear of going “under the knife” and the subsequent pain of post surgery. Further, any complications that are not uncommon can generate unwanted surgeries to correct problems that arise from time to time. The fear of cost, complications, or pain is certainly a top concern among prospective patients.

Common Problems With Breast Surgery

Two common problems that happen are breast implant ruptures or deflations, which can cause an enormous amount of problems for the patient and would certainly require immediate surgery, at the patient’s expense to correct the situation. This could run several thousand dollars alone, not including the medication and time off work this might require. Among other complications, the rupturing or leaking of the silicon can be extremely serious as it leaks into the body. Of course, the contents inside the implant would also determine the best course of action and which needs to be discussed with your physician.

Another possibility that occurs often and requires follow up surgeries is capsular contracture. This is when your body starts to protect itself from the unknown object, in this case, the implants themselves. Your body starts to produce a hard, white protective substance that serves as a buffer to safely isolate the implants from causing infection or damage to the body. This is simply your body doing what it should do – protecting you from foreign invaders. What happens, however, is that the substance gets very hard and causes a lot of pain when touched.

When taking into considerations the health risks and the enormous cost of breast implants, many women wonder if there are other natural alternatives for breast enhancements. Is there a way to naturally increase the size of your breasts without painful surgery and that is equally effective? Proper research has been done to help us understand what causes breast growth and development, and what causes irregular development to occur.

Fortunately, in the last several years a remarkable amount of study, research, and advancements in science and medicine have paved the way for natural breast enhancement products. Much of it has to do with the stimulation of localized tissue cells.

One of the pioneers and leading brands is Brestrogen. Safe and effective, Triactol is a natural way to increase the size of a woman’s breast without surgery. Many women, who have opted to use the alternative method and have been able to generate incredible results, have been more than satisfied."**

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