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What Is Collagen? How to Use this Information to Keep Wrinkles at Bay

What Is Collagen?

Natural health and beauty: http://naturalhealth2you.blogspot.comCollagen is a type of protein that is generally found in our skin, it is also important to note that collagen is also found in our bones, muscles, body tissues, tendons and cartilage.

Because of the fibres found in the protein, collagen works to support and hold together other body tissues and internal organs. The collagen found in our bodies allows our skin to have a
good texture, shape, elasticity and suppleness. Without collagen present this would not be the case, which is one of the causes of wrinkles.

The different factors in the environment can affect our collagen levels. For example sunlight, wind, cold and pollution can all have a damaging effect and cause our collagen to break down. Collagen is also affected by the normal aging process of humans. When we age the collagen in our skin cells begin to destruct which causes our skin to appear dryer and with more wrinkles.

The other factors which are harmful to collagen are smoking and alcohol. There are also natural internal body functions like oxidation which causes collagen to break down and be destroyed. Overall, if our lifestyles are not “healthy” ones and we lack exercise, a healthy diet and have nasty habits like smoking and drinking then this will cause a 'natural' breakdown of our collagen.

Collagen, believe it or not is also used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Collagen can be injected into your skin to help regain its youthfulness. Surprisingly, It can also be used as a remedy for burns and severe wounds. The way it works for cosmetic purposes is by injecting it into your skin to renew the skin’s natural dermal layers and provide support to the skin.

Collagen injection treatments are most popular for women between the ages of 35 to 60 as they believe it can improve their skin tone. The collagen is directly injected to the skin where natural collagen has been damaged. The end results are smoothness of skin, lesser facial wrinkles and lines, and overall younger-looking skin. The collagen implants are most popular as facial implants underneath the eyes; however they can be injected into other areas of your face, including your eyebrows, the area around the mouth, the lips, cheeks and forehead.

As you can imagine these injections can be pricy and they only generally tend to last for 3 to 6 months. As with any surgery, collagen injections do carry a health risk and it does involve needles. Injections usually last 30 minutes to an hour and the person can go home immediately.

As we mentioned above, Collagen injections do carry a health risk however the collagen itself can have a very alleviating effect on your wrinkles and your general skin as a whole. Eye Secrets saw this fact and therefore a gap in the market and have produced a very effective collagen and Q10 patch. The product uses natural ingredients and requires absolutely no needles or surgery and is only a fraction of the price of cosmetic surgery! The results are phenomenal and 92% of volunteers that used the product experienced results in just 15 minutes!

The Eye Gel patches work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin and to revitalise your delicate skin areas around your eyes. The patch gets hard to work in its 15-20 minutes whilst it is applied to the areas under your eyes. It intensively moisturises, nourishes and hydrates your skin, whilst working to restore the skin's elasticity, leaving your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated, vibrant and smooth.

What have we learnt from this article? The collagen in our bodies should be taken care of as it is a very important nutrient that keeps our skin looking young and healthy and prevents us displaying wrinkles.

You can help Nature by boosting/ maintaining your supply of collagen to your body through a healthy lifestyle and by proactively supplying your body with QUALITY, external collagen (such as Q10 Patch) preferably in a non-invasive, natural way to skin that shows wear and tear the most, such as around the eyes. This approach offers you the best strategies without the trauma and cost expense of other more drastic / invasive alternatives of keeping wrinkles and aging at bay.

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