Thursday, 29 August 2013

Weight Loss: The Beverly Hills Diet

A Review of 'The Beverly Hills Diet'

From the star-studded hills located near Hollywood comes a diet rich in fruit and lacking sound ideas about weight loss. Really, if weight loss was so simple, there would be no problem for anybody to drop as many pounds as desired just by eating fruit. Nevertheless, a fruit-based diet sounds good to some people and so one may run into the happy statements of those who managed to lose weight by sticking to this eating plan.

The diet itself is very simple. It claims that papaya softens the fat, pineapple burns it off and watermelon washes it out of the body. Unfortunately, this concept hasn’t been proved yet in a scientifically sound manner. While grapefruit has a positive effect on the sugar absorption system, it doesn’t burn fat outright. The only thing that burns fat is effort.

According to actress founder of the Beverly Hills Diet, people can lose 10 to 15 pounds in 35 days. Since the founder claims that eating different types of food together is one of the causes behind weight loss, the diet focuses on eating a single type of food for a whole day. On one day you eat nothing but grapes, while the next day it’s just melons for you, etc.

The problem with this diet is that the eating plan can be boring. The average dieter has every chance to get bored and start dreading the coming of the next day. This is more of a quick fix type of diet instead of a long-term eating plan and should not be pursued by more than one month. Fruits alone cannot provide your body with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins it needs every day.

Also restricting your food to just fruit will leave you exposed to malnutrition and diseases. The fast loss of weight usually means that some of that weight will be muscle mass and water, which means that some of the fat will stay in place. It also means that if you start gaining back weight, you will simply be replacing muscle mass with fat. In the long run this will do you more harm than good.

And, for the final words, eating nothing but fruit will keep you in a near constant state of loose bowel motions. All in all, this is a questionable diet. A lack of or poor access to nutrients, crucial vitamins and minerals due to a lop-sided eating plan and a lot of water and muscle mass loss is definitely not a good way to lose weight.

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