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Minimizing Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

Minimizing Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms through Helpful Physical Measures

Many patients with arthritis typically focus their treatment on medical drugs which are prescribed by doctors. However, many arthritics have ignored the fact that natural and physical measures are some of the best ways to combat the disease. These methods can help you eliminate the irritating symptoms faster.

Exercise is one of the easiest ways to minimize the symptoms of arthritis. With the right kind and amount of work out you can generally feel better than your arthritic state. However, you need to do the exercises properly otherwise your arthritis might flare up. There are exercise programs specifically designed for patients with such disease and these programs include the presence of a certified physiotherapist. 

There are various kinds of exercises that you can do (and some to avoid):
  • You can start with range if motion exercises which can help minimize stiffness and pain as well as allow your joints to freely move. 
  • You can then do strength training to increase your muscle tone and add protection to your joints. 
  • Stretching exercises are also advisable since it can help lessen pain and promote flexibility to the tendons and muscles surrounding the joints. 
  • Moreover, you also need to undergo endurance training (e.g. swimming, walking, and cycling) to keep your heart strong and make you more energetic. 
  • Put in mind that not all exercise are applicable for people with arthritis and this includes kick boxing, jogging, and even aerobics.

Thermotherapy is another great way to help lessen the RA symptoms. This pertains to the use of varied temperature to ease symptoms. It can either be warm or cold. Heat therapy and cold therapy are the two kinds of thermotherapy. 
  • The former refers to the application of heat to the affected area. This can aid in the relaxation of muscles and can minimize soreness and pain. It also helps improve blood circulation which allows the detoxification and nourishment of muscle fibers. Hot showers are great methods for the reduction of stiffness and pain. Nonetheless, if your joints are inflamed, you should not apply heat on the inflamed area. 
  • Cold therapy on the other hand is the application of cold pack on the inflamed joints to minimize swelling and pain in order to constrict blood flow and decrease inflammation.

You can also minimize RA by being proactive and protective of your joints. You must protect your joints properly in order to avoid excessive stress. This can help reduce pain thus allowing you to perform tasks easily. This way you can protect your joints from further damage. You can fully protect your joints by pacing, adapting, and positioning. Pacing means that you have to alternate heavy tasks with light tasks. It is also the act of having frequent breaks or position changes in order to reduce stress on joints as well as to conserve energy.

Exercise, thermotherapy, and joint protection are just some easy ways to help lessen RA symptoms. Put in mind that physical measures cannot permanently cure arthritis. Along with medical care or alternative treatments, you arthritis can be managed well.

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