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How to Improve Sleep in Arthritis

Improving Sleep in Arthritis

Pain is always a big hindrance for having a good rest or an adequate sleep. Conditions such as arthritis can greatly affect sleep quality and those who do not get the right amount of sleep will most likely have ill health. How does arthritis and its symptoms affect sleep either day or night?

Arthritis is one of the many diseases out there that presents common problems when sleeping. These problems include waking up often times at night, struggling to sleep, waking up very early in the morning, and feeling tired after waking up. Sleeping is supposed to freshen you up but if you have arthritis you will not feel that your energy has been restored. You must put in mind that if you have a ruthless sleep pattern then you are most likely suffering from these problems.

If you have sleep problems then you might be experiencing fatigue all the time and this factor alone can worsen your arthritis as well as your overall mood and concentration. Muscle tension and more pain are just some of the things you will get from lack of sleep. How can you make sleeping a wonderful experience even when you have arthritis?

There are so many thing that you can do to improvise sleep. You can start by keeping track of your sleeping habits by documenting them in a diary or notebook. Try to avoiding sleeping during the day time so that you can establish a normal or regular sleep pattern. Avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon or at night and don’t drink or eat too much before sleeping. Stay away from alcohol and do not smoke (if you are a smoker) at night or during bedtime.

Sometimes you might not realize it but your mattress or pillows are the culprit behind your sleep problems. Check if they are comfortable enough and I not then better change them with new and snug ones. Additionally, exercise is an important element for getting that sleep you need. It keeps your body well circulated. However, put in mind that you must not exercise three hours before sleeping. You can also take a warm and relaxing bath before heading to bed.

Medications can also be answers towards getting that good rest with arthritis. NSAID or non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and painkillers like Paracetamol can help you minimize pain. Sedatives such as Zopiclone and Temazepam and anxiolytics like Alprazolam can provide quick and temporary sleep. Nonetheless, if you take these drugs you should take note of their side effects which are reasons why you cannot use the same medication for a long period.

There are also herbal supplements that can contribute to the induction of sleep. Herbal therapy used for arthritis has become popular treatment methods because of lesser side effects and are considered as safe and effective methods. With the right therapy and medication, your arthritis can be well taken cared and your pain problems can go away. Without pain anymore, you can already have that long, quality sleep you have longed for .

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