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HAIR: Hair Loss Signs

Hair Loss Signs

Most people notice hair loss when looking at themselves in a mirror. It could either be a sudden shock one day or perhaps they have noticed it over a period of time. Sometimes people found out when it is brought to their attention by other people.

Some people will notice hairs on their pillow in the morning or find that after brushing their hair more and more hair is left on their hairbrush or comb.

The thing about hair loss is that it can occur in anyone, men and woman, and at any age. Hair loss is not restricted to middle-aged men.

The Signs of Baldness in Men

Hair loss in men tends to occur on the front hairline and forehead and on top of the head The first sign of hair loss in a man is mainly a receding hairline. This would seem an obvious sign that you may be in the early stages of hair loss but because hair loss is a gradual process, it may take a while before you may notice it or even realise it has happened.

Hair loss can also present itself as thinning hair. It is not noticeable that hair is falling out but you may notice that your hair is getting gradually thinner. This is normal as a result of shrinking hair follicles. You may notice that your hair is getting thinner as the gap between your hairs widens. Widening areas between hairs can slowly reveal more of the scalp and this is an indicative sign of thinning hair which could lead to hair loss and possibly eventual baldness of the crown.

The Signs of Hair Loss in Women

There is generally only one early sign of women’s hair loss and that is thinning hair. Unlike men, women do not experience a receding hair line and rarely will a woman go bald. Hair loss involves the thinning of hair in general, all over the scalp but mainly at the crown. A woman may therefore notice a decrease in the size of her ponytail or the widening of her parting.

Because women’s hair is generally longer than men’s, concerning forms of hair loss can be hard for a woman to detect because even normal hair loss is so obvious. A woman may therefore notice the changes more effectively by looking at her hair brush. If you are noticing more hair on your brush quicker than before, or you find that you have having to clean your brush more often that you used to, this could be a sign that you are losing your hair more quickly.

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