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Beauty: What is Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery?

What is a blepharoplasty?

what is blepharoplasty? http://naturalhealth2you.blogspot.comDid you know that your eyelid skin is the thinnest skin on your face? It coincidently is also your first facial feature to reveal signs of aging. Your upper eyelids begin to show wrinkle-folds and bags under the eyes start to appear whilst your eyebrows might start to sag. These are all signs of ageing and can make a person look tired, older and generally a bit sad. When this happens, some women think plastic surgery is the answer and undergo a blepharoplasty as they believe plastic surgery can reshape the eyelid area and improve appearance.

This video demonstrates how a blepharoplasty procedure is performed:

Definition of blepharoplasty

A blepharoplasty is a surgery that removes excess skin and fat on your upper and/or lower eyelids. It is commonly performed for cosmetic reasons. It can also be performed to help improve vision if the skin folds interfere with a person’s normal vision. Blepharoplasty is a relatively common form of cosmetic surgery and believe it or not thousands of these procedures are performed each year.

The most common type of blepharoplasty surgery is removal of excess skin and fat on the upper eyelids. When this excess skin develops it can be hard to disguise with the use of make up and some woman opt for a blepharoplasty. Not only can blepharoplasty be expensive, they also involve going under the knife/ having surgery.

Many women are not aware of the fact that there are more natural products on the market that can offer the same results but are only a very small fraction of the price. One of these products is Eye Secrets Instant Eye Lift. The Instant Eyelift consists of small, subtle strips that the user can apply to their eyes to help lift that “baggy skin” and give them that instant eyelift they were after in just seconds! The strips are 100% safe to use and can be applied in the comfort of your own home!

Blepharoplasty surgery can be carried out to try and remove that excess skin and fat from the lower eyelids (bags under the eyes) It can also be used to lift those drooping eyebrows you might have. This is done by one of several different methods. The most common technique is performed by lifting the brow through the same opening made for the blepharoplasty or by endoscopically elevating the brow. Results can also be achieved by removing the excessed skin above the brow or on the scalp. Droopy eyelids also may be corrected by tightening eye muscles.

How much does a blepharoplasty cost?

Blepharoplasty treatments can vary in cost depending on the surgery you visit and how experienced the surgeon is. They range from $1,000 to $4,000 or more, according to the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Most insurance plans do not cover the cost of blepharoplasty unless the surgery is needed to improve vision. As you can see this is a very costly surgery!

Blepharoplasty works by creating a smoother area around the eyes, giving a more youthful look. A brow lift results in a more alert appearance. If you undergo the knife and have Blepharoplasty surgery then you can expect to see results in just a few weeks, however the full results of the surgery may not be visible for up to a year. Eye Secrets Instant Eyelift can give you results in just seconds!

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