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Beauty: Tips to Look and Feel Younger

Tips on How to Look and Feel Younger

Unfortunately getting older is something that happens to us all at some point in our lives.  Even though we try and prevent it and also deny it from happening it will creep up on you at some stage in life. The trick is as we age through the years to make small changes to your appearance to prevent or reduce this showing.

This article lists a number of tips that will help you to remain feeling and looking young. So lets start with your eyes. Your eyes are one of the fist things people look at when they look at your face so ensure they look radiant and bag-free!

Making your eyes stand out doesn’t necessarily mean wearing lots of make up, remember less is more! If your skin has started to sag a little under your eyes you may require that instant eye lift.

Advanced Health LTD Natural health and beauty: http://naturalhealth2you.blogspot.comThere are products on the market that are easy to use and cater for this. For example Eye Secrets’ Instant Eye Lift can easily be applied to your upper eye lids to give them that little “lift” that they might be crying out for. What’s even better for you is, you can wear make up on top of these strips to really help maximize your eyes!

For greater results extend your beauty routine to include the UNDER Eye Tightener  for fast results to reduce fine lines and wrinkles - viz. Instant Facelift - without needles or surgery!

It is important that you keep your skin hydrated. Unless your complexion is naturally oily it is important that you moisturise daily.  Human skin is somewhat like leather. As it gets older and you treat it with less care, leather shows every line and crease – to prevent that from happening to your skin make sure you keep it hydrated and well moisturised.

When wearing concealer it is important that you PAT the make up on and DO NOT rub it in. A good tip when it comes to applying concealer is apply it from just above the inner corner of your eye down to (and over) your under-eye circles. Once you have done this, gently tap the makeup until it blends into your skin for truly effective coverage.

If you are a big fan of lip and eye pencil be sparse with it. By applying too much eye liner you actually add years onto your life if you are an older woman, which is the opposite effect of what you want!

Hair frames a face so a new hairdo is the quickest and easiest way to change your looks. Treat yourself to a new, smart hairstyle that SUITS you and your personality to take years off your face.

Short hair tends to make a woman look older so try growing it out (but not too long as that can cause a 'drag' effect!) and having some layers put in. Seek a stylist you feel comfortable with, who understands your style and what works best for you and let them work their magic on a new you!

If you have a cheeky, acne spot that has appeared overnight make sure you PULL this rather than squeeze it. Place fingers either side of the little terror and gently pull them away from each other so the clog works its way out. If you push inward, you risk scarring.

Finally, keep it fun. Beauty should not be taken too seriously and should be done to make you feel special and good from the inside out! UNDER Eye Tightener Information >

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