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Beauty: Plastic Surgery the Secret to Looking Younger? Eye Tips and Makeup Tricks

Eye Tips and Makeup Tricks to Look Younger
Every morning we all look in the mirror, the difference is some of us will look in the mirror and will feel comfortable with what is looking back at us whereas others will not. As we get older we obsess over each individual line we see on our faces, we study our under eye area for wrinkles and look for any nasty spots. For some they generally believe the only way to say goodbye to these “beauty lines” is through laser treatments, wrinkle-filling injections, or an
eye lift. All of these treatments not only can be extremely pricy but can be very dangerous!

In the society we live in, many of us think the only way we can stay looking young and youthful is by going under the knife and having plastic surgery. This is no the case! You don't have to get injected to look younger, below are a list of simple tips and suggestions to help you look younger for longer.

Lift your eyes!

Eye Secrets instant Eye lift are small, discrete strips that you can apply to your eyes to give you that instant eye lift. Over time your eyelids will sag and this is one of the first signs of aging. By lifting your lids you can take years off your life and feel young once again! The strips are 100% natural and are easy to apply; they will even give you results in seconds and can last a full 10-12 hours!

Easy Makeup Tricks

When it comes to make up to try and cover up our signs of ageing, many will not bother and will grab their closest pair or sunglasses, put some lippy on and hope for the best… but what happens when you have to take off those sunglasses and people look at you straight in the eye – many of us will lose our self-confidence! Below we have included a few quick tips to help you when it comes to applying your face make up:
  • Concealer is your friend. You don’t want to over apply it, but by using a little concealer that matches your skin tone can help to hide those wrinkles, leaving you with a more youthful complexion
  • Spend time on your eyes. We mentioned before that the Eye secrets Instant Eye lift can lift your drooping eyelids. Now you have your eyelids back why not make the most of them and add a little eyeshadow? Using lighter shades like bronze or light pink can help knock years off your life and make you feel young once again.
  • Define your brows. Your brows also help draw attention to your eyes, so make sure they have shape and look full, thick and healthy.
  • Max out your lashes. Make your lashes stand out more and use a good quality mascara. Don’t apply too much though as this can make your eyes look very dark which can have the reverse effect and make you look older.
  • Lip liner can work miracles. If you like your lip liners, then there is no harm in still using them. However make sure they complement your eye make up. If you have used a lighter colour on your eyes then apply a darker shade on your lips and vice versa if you have used a darker shade on your eyes.
  • Use SPF 30 in the sun. By making sure you protect your precious skin from the sun it not only prevents cancerous cells developing, but also makes skin look younger.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Your skin reflects what you eat. There are lots of chemicals and toxins in processed foods that can make you look older. Make sure you get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily diet, these are not only full of brilliant vitamins and minerals that your body needs but they will also keep your skin looking younger.
  • A bob is a flattering look. When it comes to your hair a bob can be very flattering and you can have this any length. Also keep in mind that keeping hair away from your face can help you look younger. Don’t also forget that getting the right highlights can light up your face also.

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