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Women's Health: Vaginal Dryness - The Whys and Hows

Vaginal Dryness - Why and How This Happens. 
Claim Back Your Sex Life and the Rest of Your Lives!

Have you ever suffered from vaginal dryness?  If so your first thoughts were probably about stopping the problem rather than trying to figure out why or how it's happening. You just want the problem to stop!  You may not know how the motor of your car runs - all you want is for the engine to turn on when you turn the key!

You don’t care about the mechanics, you just want your car to start.  Vaginal dryness is similar. We don’t think about it until it happens. Then we want a quick fix. And when that doesn’t happen we begin to investigate the causes and how we can solve the problem for the long run.

There are several causes of vaginal dryness:
  • the side effects of medication
  • infection or disease
  • the aging process, 
  • changes that come with childbirth. 

The last two are related to the most common cause of vaginal dryness, which is hormonal imbalance. Hormone levels change over the course of our monthly menstrual cycle, and as we age and approach menopause and again after childbirth as the body tries to regulate itself to its non-pregnant state. 

In addition to dealing with these hormonal problems that most women will experience at some stage in their lives, women can also fail to produce enough vaginal lubrication, ie. they simply turn dry!

That makes sex uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. What was once a flowing river of pleasure is now a great big, empty well. It can wreak havoc on your sex lives and just make wearing panties very uncomfortable.  

Vaginal Restoration

Luckily there are things we as women can do to alleviate vaginal dryness. Lubricant is the nectar of the Gods when it comes to solving the problem of vaginal dryness. However, the average lubricant is short-lived, that is, it will last for one sexual encounter only, meaning you will have to apply this each and every time before sex. 

Intivar is a better choice because it helps a woman’s body to start producing her own vaginal lubricant on her own again. 

The natural ingredients in Intivar not only provide lubricant for the moment at hand, they kick-start your own body into producing more of what you already have. In other words, Intivar solves your short-term problem which is to lubricate you for sex then and there, while also helping you at the same time to produce more of your own lubricant over the long term.

Intivar can teach you about your own body so you don’t just have to turn on the key and hope it starts. With Intivar, your engine will start to run all on its own again, meaning the whole gamut - of arousal, and getting wet (which shows your own lubricating factory is getting back on its feet) in preparation for sex - is 'nursed' back to life, and along with this improvement, your sex life also gets a revival!  When you are not dry, sex is so much better both for you and your partner and therefore, you will be encouraged to have more sex.

This in turn also has flow-on benefits - sexual intimacy has a vital role to keep your relationship stronger and help you avoid separation. It is a well-known fact that when you have sex, oxytocin - the feel-good, bonding hormone - is released.  Often a total loss of sex, in addition to other problems, can lead to a breakup between couples. For more information on INTIVAR >

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