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Women's Health: Is SEX Painful For You?

Are You Having Painful Sex?

Are you one of the many millions of women the world over who find sex painful and uncomfortable? Does painful sex make it impossible to be close to your partner even though intimacy is what you miss and really want?  If you have these issues you are not alone. Painful intercourse is one of the most common sexual problems experienced by women today.
You feel like you are missing out on one of the most important aspects of intimacy and life and it can be frustrating and embarrassing. Many women are too embarrassed to discuss this with their medical practitioner and so do not seek help. The problem then goes unaddressed and untreated leaving the women to suffer in silence. 

If you are experiencing pain with sexual intercourse you need to see your doctor promptly and confide your problem to them so that they can help you rule out any underlying medical reasons for your painful sex.

Avoiding the problem is not recommended because that does not make the problem disappear.  If you have had a recent medical procedure or surgery, sex can become painful and trying new positions that are more comfortable can help alleviate the pain and make sex more comfortable, until such time when you are fully recovered.

One of the most common reasons sex is painful for women is dryness due to the lack of vaginal lubrication. We need enough lubrication to create a  “cushion” between the penis and vaginal walls. When there is not enough vaginal lubrication, the friction of intercourse can cause vaginal tears that are painful.

http://naturalhealth2you.blogspot.comNot having any or enough vaginal lubrication results in “dry sex” where there is nothing to help ease penetration.  You might feel that penetration feels like sandpaper (and indeed that is how some have described their experience ... dry, scratchy sex!) It is uncomfortable and rough instead of feeling silky-smooth and slippery for both of you. 

If vaginal dryness is an issue for you, it is time to do something about it so you can take control and reclaim a healthy sex life. Intivar can help. Intivar is a great vaginal lubricant which can give that smooth and silky feeling. HSG does more than just provide what nature has stopped doing within your body.

The difference between Intivar and other brands of lubricant is that Intivar contains natural ingredients that help your own body to begin to produce your own natural vaginal lubrication again. No other lubricant in the market does that. After using Intivar sex will become pleasurable again instead of painful. No more sandpaper.
"Sex is hotter than ever since we resumed after Intivar."

Let HSG do the work for you by showing your body how to get your libido and your juices flowing again!  Whatever happens your sexuality is part and parcel of the miracle of Life (already programmed in your DNA) and is a beautiful thing.  Finally you can enjoy a full sexual life again!

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