Saturday, 27 July 2013

Give Your Eyes an Instant EYE LIFT

Eye Secrets: Give Your Eyes an Instant Eye Lift
After watching the video on how to apply Eye Lift to correct drooping upper eyelids I was impressed! Watch the video as it demos better than words can describe. Take note of the eyelid area afterwards to see the difference Eye Secrets had made to the woman's appearance.  She certainly looked more alert after her instant eye lift!

Watch How To Apply Eye Secrets EYE LIFT Video

Drooping upper eye-lids are not such a problem when you are younger but this problem can creep up on you when you approach your 40's or sometimes even earlier.  So Eye Secrets Eye Lift is a quick and painless, non-surgical solution for older women or younger ladies if you suffer from prematurely drooping upper eyelids. Nothing ages a person faster than drooping upper eyelids because eyes are the part people notice most, Afterall most folks look into your eyes when having a conversation with you.  Note that when you get an eye-lift, your whole face also benefits because you look like you've had an instant face-lift as well!

Advanced Health LTD - http://naturalhealth2you.blogspot.comIt is not always feasible or desirable to undergo painful, expensive eyelid surgery at home or abroad for most people, so a non-surgical eye lift is a convenient, inexpensive alternative to achieve the same results ie. looking good or better.

You don't have to have drooping eyelids to use this product as Eye Secrets can also be used to enhance 'double eyelids' (ie. make 'double-eyelids' appear and open up the eyes so they look bigger and rounder) which would appeal if you are born in certain Asian countries, where eye- shape is different and smaller than those found in the western world.

The more-rounded, larger, 'Western' eye-shape is the preferred beauty 'standard' for many young Asian women eg. Korea, Japan, etc. not so much because it is 'western' but because a larger shape does improve their appearance, often quite substantially.

In societies where your face is literally 'your fortune' and a high quality of presentation is the norm (check out the way in which Japanese meals, etc. are presented for example) it is of no surprise that women place a great importance on looking good, and on their overall grooming. And this is where non-surgical eye lift can play a role - when surgery is not an option but looking good is necessary and even vital to one's personal, social and in many cases, even one's professional life!

Note: In the 'After' Photo, Trish looks wider-eyed and more alert because there is less 'Overhang' (Upper Eyelid Droop) as a result of Eye Secrets Eye Lift.

Overhangs belong on mountainscapes and not on your face if you wish to look your best. They drag your looks and outlook down and have an aging effect, even on younger people. Drooping upper eyelids are the worst culprits especially for women because they follow Newton's Law of Gravity with such d_mn determination!!

PS: Men can also use this Eye Lift as they have a right to look good too.  In fact, in Korea many men are just as devoted to their appearance and personal grooming as the women-folk in their country. Just use concealer or matching eye-shadow to blend your Eye Lift with your skin tone.

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