Thursday, 1 August 2013

Beauty: Achieve INSTANT EYE LIFT without the Big Price Tag

Achieve Instant Eye Lift without the Expensive Price Tag
An interesting fact is that 80% of the population think wrinkles are the most ageing feature on a woman, according to a 2011 survey by the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia.

As a society we want to look younger than our actual age (except when you’re 16 and you want to look 26!) Lucky for us there are treatments and products out there that can help us maintain that youthfulness we all desire so much.  However it is important you do your research beforehand as some are more dangerous than appears to the uninformed. BOTOX is definitely a household term as many of us have heard of it before. Botox is extremely popular because it is convenient and results are instantaneous.

With just a few injections, Botox paralyses facial muscles and prevents them from forming wrinkles.  Whilst society is becoming a Botox nation, not everyone approves of the side effects of this very toxic substance.

So is Botox really worth it?  First of all what is Botox?  Botox injections consist of a toxic substance known as Botulinum toxin which is derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, in a class of drugs called neurotoxins. Neurotoxins are substances that KILL brain cells. Other examples of neurotoxis are aspartame {(diet sodas, etc., monosodium glutamate (used in food flavouring eg. instant noodles)}.

Clostridium botulinum is held to be the most toxic and dangerous substance known to mankind.  Botox is a temporary solution, however the changes it produce are instantaneous. The injections can last from three to six months before the effects wear off.

When these results wear off the the patient will then require further injections which naturally come at a cost. These treatments can become addictive and if you are looking for a long term solution this can get very pricy! Botox is injected by a thin needle. It works by blocking the ability of nerves to make muscles tighten i.e. it paralyses the muscle. If you are under the age of 18 you are not legally allowed botox treatment and neither is any woman (or man for that matter) over the age of 65.

Botox is not safe to use if pregnant, breast feeding or if you suffer from muscular conditions and allergies.  So how much foes Botox treatments cost? The injections can cost from £200 to £1000, and as many become addicted to the treatments in the search for longer term results these treatments can get very expensive!

The question is can you achieve the results Botox gives you without the expensive price tag? There are various other products available that are a fraction of the price of Botox and can offer both short and long term results… and many are natural!

Eye Secrets Instant Eye Lift is one of these products and offers the user that instant eyelift they are after for less than £30! The product is easily applied to the upper eye lid and instantly gives the user that lift they are looking for without requiring the use of needles or surgery.

The strips can be applied as little or often as you want which makes then even more appealing as you can get away with buying a one month's supply and only using it for special occasions. You can even wear make up on top of the strips. In fact it is recommended you do so if you wish to have a 'seamless' natural look.

Although Eye Secrets Instant Eye Lift offers a short term solution, the benefits are substantial viz. it uses natural ingredients, has no side effects and is only a fraction of the price of Botox! 

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