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HAIR: Stress and Hair loss

How Does Stress Affect Hair Loss? hair has a way of telling you if your body is in balance. If you are healthy - physically as well as emotionally - your hair will be radiant and shining and your scalp pliant and moist.

If you are not well physically, or if you are upset emotionally, your hair becomes dull and lifeless - it will begin to fall out, and your hair will become waxy with the overproduction of your traumatised sebaceous glands.

If your hair is thinning or you are experiencing baldness and it seems abnormal either because you are young or female, it is more than likely that stress is the culprit of hair loss. Your hair is one of the first places your body shows distress. Illness, medication and imbalances in nutrition all show up in you hair and scalp.

Usually, it is not mild job or life stress that triggers hair loss, more likely it is extremely serious stress to the body that causes hair to stop growing and fall out. These types of stress can be initiated by some types of medications, diabetes, thyroid disorders and even extreme emotional stress, but also can be caused by commonplace life events like childbirth, miscarriage and surgery.

Any major change in our lives can be reflected in the condition of our hair, scalp and skin. We reflect our health and well-being in the condition of our hair and scalp.

But how does stress actually effect hair loss? Well hair grows in repeating cycles. The active growth phase lasts around two years and is followed by a resting phase that spans three months, after which the hair falls from the scalp. Normally, every strand of hair in your head is at a different point in this cycle, so the shedding is barely noticeable: a few strands in the shower drain, some more on your brush, a hair or two on your pillow. A normal head sheds at most 100 strands of hair a day.

However, when the body undergoes extreme stress, as much as 70 percent of your hair can prematurely enter the resting phase. Three months later, these hairs begin to fall out, causing noticeable hair loss.

The person will not become completely bald and the thinning will be fairly unnoticeable. However, it is this three month delay and the fact that the trigger seems so unrelated that causes confusion on the part of the patient concerned about hair loss.

Fortunately, in most cases hair will begin to grow back within six months. However, some people may face further periods of severe stress that may trigger the whole process to begin again and cause more hair loss resulting in a more long-term problem.

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Women's Health: Is SEX Painful For You?

Are You Having Painful Sex?

Are you one of the many millions of women the world over who find sex painful and uncomfortable? Does painful sex make it impossible to be close to your partner even though intimacy is what you miss and really want?  If you have these issues you are not alone. Painful intercourse is one of the most common sexual problems experienced by women today.
You feel like you are missing out on one of the most important aspects of intimacy and life and it can be frustrating and embarrassing. Many women are too embarrassed to discuss this with their medical practitioner and so do not seek help. The problem then goes unaddressed and untreated leaving the women to suffer in silence. 

If you are experiencing pain with sexual intercourse you need to see your doctor promptly and confide your problem to them so that they can help you rule out any underlying medical reasons for your painful sex.

Avoiding the problem is not recommended because that does not make the problem disappear.  If you have had a recent medical procedure or surgery, sex can become painful and trying new positions that are more comfortable can help alleviate the pain and make sex more comfortable, until such time when you are fully recovered.

One of the most common reasons sex is painful for women is dryness due to the lack of vaginal lubrication. We need enough lubrication to create a  “cushion” between the penis and vaginal walls. When there is not enough vaginal lubrication, the friction of intercourse can cause vaginal tears that are painful.

http://naturalhealth2you.blogspot.comNot having any or enough vaginal lubrication results in “dry sex” where there is nothing to help ease penetration.  You might feel that penetration feels like sandpaper (and indeed that is how some have described their experience ... dry, scratchy sex!) It is uncomfortable and rough instead of feeling silky-smooth and slippery for both of you. 

If vaginal dryness is an issue for you, it is time to do something about it so you can take control and reclaim a healthy sex life. Intivar can help. Intivar is a great vaginal lubricant which can give that smooth and silky feeling. HSG does more than just provide what nature has stopped doing within your body.

The difference between Intivar and other brands of lubricant is that Intivar contains natural ingredients that help your own body to begin to produce your own natural vaginal lubrication again. No other lubricant in the market does that. After using Intivar sex will become pleasurable again instead of painful. No more sandpaper.
"Sex is hotter than ever since we resumed after Intivar."

Let HSG do the work for you by showing your body how to get your libido and your juices flowing again!  Whatever happens your sexuality is part and parcel of the miracle of Life (already programmed in your DNA) and is a beautiful thing.  Finally you can enjoy a full sexual life again!

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Women's Health: Vaginal Dryness - The Whys and Hows

Vaginal Dryness - Why and How This Happens. 
Claim Back Your Sex Life and the Rest of Your Lives!
Have you ever suffered from vaginal dryness?  If so your first thoughts were probably about stopping the problem rather than trying to figure out why or how it's happening. You just want the problem to stop!  You may not know how the motor of your car runs - all you want is for the engine to turn on when you turn the key!

You don’t care about the mechanics, you just want your car to start.  Vaginal dryness is similar. We don’t think about it until it happens. Then we want a quick fix. And when that doesn’t happen we begin to investigate the causes and how we can solve the problem for the long run.

There are several causes of vaginal dryness:
  • the side effects of medication
  • infection or disease
  • the aging process, 
  • changes that come with childbirth. 

The last two are related to the most common cause of vaginal dryness, which is hormonal imbalance. Hormone levels change over the course of our monthly menstrual cycle, and as we age and approach menopause and again after childbirth as the body tries to regulate itself to its non-pregnant state. 

In addition to dealing with these hormonal problems that most women will experience at some stage in their lives, women can also fail to produce enough vaginal lubrication, ie. they simply turn dry!

That makes sex uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. What was once a flowing river of pleasure is now a great big, empty well. It can wreak havoc on your sex lives and just make wearing panties very uncomfortable.  

Vaginal Restoration

Luckily there are things we as women can do to alleviate vaginal dryness. Lubricant is the nectar of the Gods when it comes to solving the problem of vaginal dryness. However, the average lubricant is short-lived, that is, it will last for one sexual encounter only, meaning you will have to apply this each and every time before sex. 

Intivar is a better choice because it helps a woman’s body to start producing her own vaginal lubricant on her own again. 

The natural ingredients in Intivar not only provide lubricant for the moment at hand, they kick-start your own body into producing more of what you already have. In other words, Intivar solves your short-term problem which is to lubricate you for sex then and there, while also helping you at the same time to produce more of your own lubricant over the long term.

Intivar can teach you about your own body so you don’t just have to turn on the key and hope it starts. With Intivar, your engine will start to run all on its own again, meaning the whole gamut - of arousal, and getting wet (which shows your own lubricating factory is getting back on its feet) in preparation for sex - is 'nursed' back to life, and along with this improvement, your sex life also gets a revival!  When you are not dry, sex is so much better both for you and your partner and therefore, you will be encouraged to have more sex.

This in turn also has flow-on benefits - sexual intimacy has a vital role to keep your relationship stronger and help you avoid separation. It is a well-known fact that when you have sex, oxytocin - the feel-good, bonding hormone - is released.  Often a total loss of sex, in addition to other problems, can lead to a breakup between couples. For more information on INTIVAR >

Natural health and beauty:

PS: There are many women (and their spouses) from all over the world and across generations who would give their right arm for a solution such as INTIVAR if they could get hold of it. 
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HAIR: DHT and How It Affects Hair Loss

DHT and How It Affects Hair Loss

Many people feel that genetics is what causes hair loss, which is only partially true. People from the same blood line will of course have many similar physical characteristics. However, this is not the only cause.

If DHT were not part of every human in the world today, hair loss would not be nearly such a big problem as it is now. DHT is a hormone. DHT is directly related to and affected by the level of testosterone in the bloodstream.

Because there have been plenty research into hair loss, we are now aware what causes DHT, how this effects hair loss and how the effects can be reduced.

DHT in men is mostly a result of a decrease or depletion of testosterone in the male body. As for women, it is caused by a depletion of oestrogen, causing the woman to have more testosterone in her body than she should.

The effect of DHT varies in men and women. DHT hair loss in men occurs in patches while in women it happens through thinning of the hair. This is more common in male than in females because men have more testosterone. It is a main cause of balding among men.

Anyone that suffers from hair loss may find that by stopping the production of DHT will cause their hair loss problem to diminish. Whilst there is no quick miracle product that will immediately stop the production of DHT there are a number of products that will help to reduce the amount of DHT that is produced.
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Mangosteen is SUPER Rich in Antioxidants 
'Mangosteen is sometimes known as "The Queen of Fruits" in some parts of Southeast Asia, notably Singapore and Malaysia. It is believed to have "cooling" properties that counteract the "heat" of durians, the so-called "King of Fruits".'

Watch the Video for Mangosteen Information

The Mangosteen is a wonderful, juicy and divine fruit to eat - the kind of 'nectarous' food that would be relished by ancient Greek God Foodies at decadent banquets on Olympus!  There is simply no equivalent rival when it comes to taste, texture and its rich appearance when you break open the fruit.

The Mangosteen grows in South-East Asia where the climate is hot all year round and has a semi-hard, thick, deep purple shell which you break by crushing the whole fruit between the palms of both hands.  You can only taste the Mangosteen when it is in 'season' because the tree does not bear fruit all year round nor can you buy them easily if you are not from the region. The fruit below is not quite ripe yet. When it ripens the Mangosteen turns from green to red to a deep, luscious, purple colour as shown in the first and last photos!

Inside the shell you will find 5 or 6 white, fleshy, succulent segments, each of which is snugly cradled in a crimson, spongy fitted-mould!  Each of these juicy segments contain one central stone or pit which you 'spit out' if you are eating Mangosteens fresh - which is how it is eaten locally. At least that is the way you eat them in the tropics!

The Mangosteen is considered a 'Superfruit' as it contains a potent concentration of Xanthones, one of the most powerful anti-oxidants ever discovered, which gives it that deep, purple colour. The best way to avail yourself of the health benefits of Mangosteen is by taking supplements as you rarely see this fruit outside of the region and even within S. E. Asia the fruit is seasonal as the tree only bears fruit once or twice a year! And when it does it is quickly consumed as it is popular with the locals who value the fruit for its health benefits as much as its divine taste!

"One of the planet’s most powerful superfruits is the Mangosteen fruit. By consuming Mangosteen in an easy-to-take, capsule format daily, you may benefit from the following health improvements."

HAIR: 5 Most common causes of hair loss

There are many ideas on why hair loss occurs and it would seem that everyone you talk to has a reason for why it may be happening to you. There are of course only a few scientific proven reasons for hair loss and many of the other reasons are just merely old wives' tales. The five most common reasons for hair loss are:

1. DHT

The major cause of hair loss is DHT. DHT is a hormone. DHT is directly related to and affected by the level of testosterone in the bloodstream. DHT blocks the growth of hair in men and is the cause of most baldness. And even though this is a male hormone, women also have a small amount that runs through their blood, some higher than others. When a female inherits hair follicles that are supersensitive to DHT, they start to lose hair just like men do. Men generally have hair loss concentrated in a specific pattern from the front through to the crown, while women have an overall thinning of the hair throughout the scalp. About half of all people have inherited hair loss by about 50 years of age.

2. Genetics

Although not the primary cause of male-pattern hair loss, genetics does have a significant role in male-pattern hair loss. It is unclear whether having an affected mother or an affected father predisposes descendants to greater risks. When hair loss is related to hormones (androgens) and genetics, it is known as Androgenetic Alopecia, or more commonly just balding. Androgenetic Alopecia is an extremely common disorder.

3. Poor Blood Circulation

Hair loss can be attributed to overall poor blood circulation. Studies have shown that the blood flow to the scalp of men and women suffering from hair loss was significantly lower than those not experiencing hair loss.

4. Environmental Pollutants.

Further studies have indicated that pollutants in the atmosphere have contributed to the production of "environmental hormones" which can also contribute to hair loss.

SUMMARY: As you can see there are many factors that can cause hair loss in both men and women but they all have one underlying theme in common, hair follicles that are affected by hormonal "clogging" agents and poor blood and nutrient circulation are less likely to experience a healthy growth cycle.

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Raspberry Ketone Plus: Advanced Diet Supplement - Fat Burning

RaspberryKetone Plus: The Advanced Diet Supplement For Fat Burning

RASPBERRY KETONE supplements for fat burning are the hottest weight loss solution of the moment. Some medical celebrities recently recommended Raspberry Ketone supplements on their TV show as a ‘miracle fat burner in a bottle’ and keen slimmers have been desperate to obtain this incredible supplement.
If you’re looking for a healthy, safe, natural product to help you lose weight, then Raspberry Ketones is must check-out item. Note however that not all Raspberry Ketone supplements are the same. 

To get the most benefits from Raspberry Ketones, consume ONLY 100-200mg of Raspberry Ketone daily, as recommended by fitness expert Lisa Lynn. That’s the recommended 200mg per day – 1 pill with breakfast, and another with lunch. 

There are no known side effects and the FDA regard Raspberry Ketones as safe, so naturally people are eager to try it for themselves. Most of the Raspberry Ketone supplements available in stores at the moment contain an undisclosed amount of the active ingredient, or simply contain far more than the recommended daily dosage.

Raspberry Ketone Plus+ is currently the leading Raspberry Ketone supplement on the market and was featured on Fox News Charlotte back in March where stores had sold out of the product. 

In order to avoid the queues and to obtain it fast, thousands of customers have successfully ordered the product online from the official Raspberry Ketone Plus website, Evolution Slimming. This is in stock and ships immediately. If you are looking to try a Raspberry Ketone supplement, then ordering it direct from the manufacturer online is definitely recommended and the logical way to go.

 What You Should Know About Raspberry Ketones

You’ll notice that the capsules are bright white in colour. That's because Raspberry Ketone is a naturally white powdery substance. You'll also be surprised by the smell of the pills and bottle which is a noticeably potent, fruity scent - which indicates the strength of the supplement. 

Raspberry Ketones are the part of the red raspberry which gives the fruit its strong smell, so the supplement should have a noticeably fruity smell. Ketone supplements claiming to be high quality but is not white or smells fruity should be avoided.

RaspberryKetone Plus+ has been available on the market for a number of years, shipping to over 71 countries, but recently it started to garner a huge following after Dr Oz’s recommendation of Raspberry Ketones on TV. 

The great thing about this specialized formulation is that whilst it contains the recommended 100mg of pure Raspberry Ketone per pill it also contains other high profile fat-fighting ingredients such as Acai berry, African Mango, Resveratrol and Kelp.  These are believed to help regulate and improve the metabolism so whilst you’re burning the fat; your body’s metabolism can be improved to further increase the weight loss results.

Feedback on independent review websites claim the product starts to work within days depending on the individual. Many people are reordering in large numbers to ensure they are well stocked up at home in case the product sells out from the website.

Website reviews of the product's effectiveness have seen some people losing 4lbs in the first 4 days. Of course everyone’s results are likely to vary, but this is a great indication of how the Raspberry Ketone Plus could work for you.

If you’re in the market to stock up on a high quality Raspberry Ketone product then Raspberry Ketone Plus+ is definitely a tried and tested recommendation. Shipping only takes a few days, so save yourself time and effort by ordering online direct from the official Raspberry Ketone Plus+ website.

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Natural Hair Loss in Men and Women, Treatment for Hair Loss

Natural hair loss in men and women

 Hair Loss Treatment: http://naturalhealth2you.blogspot.coMHair loss is a natural process that can occur in many people as they grow older.  In some cases loss of hair can result from causes other than age.

When it comes to natural hair loss, the rate at which you start to experience loss of hair varies between individuals. Some people may start to lose their hair in their 20s, 30s or 40s, while others will enjoy a healthy head of hair long past their retirement age.

Although men are more susceptible to natural hair loss than women, this is a problem that can also affect women. The impact that loss of hair can have on the quality of life can also vary from person to person.

Some people simply learn to live with thinning hair and accept it as part of the aging process. However, for many others – particularly for women – hair loss can be a very stressful experience and one that can have a severe negative impact on their quality of life, confidence levels, and self esteem.

Luckily, for those who want to tackle their hair loss issues, there are hair restoration products available that can be very effective in reversing the process and restoring hair. A high quality hair restoration product can

  • help to gradually STOP the hair loss cycle and  
  • REGENERATE the hair follicles in order to encourage new hair growth.

Our hair is a major part of our overall appearance, and therefore loss of hair can make a big difference not only to the way we look but also the way we feel. Using an effective hair loss product can have a huge positive impact on the lives of those who have been adversely affected by hair loss, as it can help to not only restore hair but also restore confidence and self esteem.

Choosing the right hair restoration product

In order to enjoy maximum benefits and effective growth, it is important to use the right product, which means finding a hair restoration solution that

  • will NOT result in harmful side effects and 
  • is also effective in REVERSING the hair loss process.

A natural hair restoration product is ideal for those who want to be able to regain their hair without having to sacrifice their health in other ways. It is also important to look at other factors, such as whether the hair restoration product you opt for can be used with other hair products that you may use, such as styling products. To sum:

  •  Go for a NATURAL hair restoration product
  • that is also COMPATIBLE with your other hair products.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Give Your Eyes an Instant EYE LIFT

Eye Secrets: Give Your Eyes an Instant Eye Lift
After watching the video on how to apply Eye Lift to correct drooping upper eyelids I was impressed! Watch the video as it demos better than words can describe. Take note of the eyelid area afterwards to see the difference Eye Secrets had made to the woman's appearance.  She certainly looked more alert after her instant eye lift!

Watch How To Apply Eye Secrets EYE LIFT Video

Drooping upper eye-lids are not such a problem when you are younger but this problem can creep up on you when you approach your 40's or sometimes even earlier.  So Eye Secrets Eye Lift is a quick and painless, non-surgical solution for older women or younger ladies if you suffer from prematurely drooping upper eyelids. Nothing ages a person faster than drooping upper eyelids because eyes are the part people notice most, Afterall most folks look into your eyes when having a conversation with you.  Note that when you get an eye-lift, your whole face also benefits because you look like you've had an instant face-lift as well!

Advanced Health LTD - http://naturalhealth2you.blogspot.comIt is not always feasible or desirable to undergo painful, expensive eyelid surgery at home or abroad for most people, so a non-surgical eye lift is a convenient, inexpensive alternative to achieve the same results ie. looking good or better.

You don't have to have drooping eyelids to use this product as Eye Secrets can also be used to enhance 'double eyelids' (ie. make 'double-eyelids' appear and open up the eyes so they look bigger and rounder) which would appeal if you are born in certain Asian countries, where eye- shape is different and smaller than those found in the western world.

The more-rounded, larger, 'Western' eye-shape is the preferred beauty 'standard' for many young Asian women eg. Korea, Japan, etc. not so much because it is 'western' but because a larger shape does improve their appearance, often quite substantially.

In societies where your face is literally 'your fortune' and a high quality of presentation is the norm (check out the way in which Japanese meals, etc. are presented for example) it is of no surprise that women place a great importance on looking good, and on their overall grooming. And this is where non-surgical eye lift can play a role - when surgery is not an option but looking good is necessary and even vital to one's personal, social and in many cases, even one's professional life!

Note: In the 'After' Photo, Trish looks wider-eyed and more alert because there is less 'Overhang' (Upper Eyelid Droop) as a result of Eye Secrets Eye Lift.

Overhangs belong on mountainscapes and not on your face if you wish to look your best. They drag your looks and outlook down and have an aging effect, even on younger people. Drooping upper eyelids are the worst culprits especially for women because they follow Newton's Law of Gravity with such d_mn determination!!

PS: Men can also use this Eye Lift as they have a right to look good too.  In fact, in Korea many men are just as devoted to their appearance and personal grooming as the women-folk in their country. Just use concealer or matching eye-shadow to blend your Eye Lift with your skin tone.

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